Currently, many businesses tend to trade in products with little investment in brain, do not put heavy emphasis on scientific research to bring to the market quality products – which makes the development of enterprises unsustainable. . Around this issue, a reporter from Customs Newspaper had an interview with Dr. Luu Hai Minh, Vice Chairman of Hanoi Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Chairman of Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company – OIC New .

Dr. Luu Hai Minh – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company.

Many business people today are confused about the two words “Start up” – start-up, as a person with a lot of experience in starting a business in the field of science and technology, he can say what about this?

Currently, there is a situation that is home, people who start up but still do not understand the essence of this phrase. The definition in the world is that Start-up is technology, and most young Vietnamese people now think that Start-up is opening snail, cake, coffee shops… I think that every individual who wants to start a successful business must have to start a business. technology mastery, invest in scientific and technological research methodically. On a broader scale, a city, a country that wants to start a business successfully must have thousands and millions of high-tech enterprises, only then will society develop and Vietnam’s position will be enhanced in the world. international school.

Many opinions also say that the market is always fierce, when a business takes time to invest in technology and scientific research, many other businesses “take shortcuts, take first” makes a big profit, so what can you share about this view?

The market is a battlefield, any business that wants to survive and develop sustainably must come up with its own tactics, but it is impossible to ignore the investment in technology as I mentioned above and when investing For technology, businesses do not worry about being left behind because the market is endless, what every business needs to do is find its own opportunities and customers.

In the current period, when the information technology market is developing like a storm, it is difficult for small or new businesses to develop if they just take the confrontation and face-to-face competition in the style of trying to find profits. Comparative advantage, fighting for each market segment and constantly personalizing products will face many difficulties and disadvantages compared to large enterprises.

So, from the personal experience of OIC – an enterprise with more than 20 years in the field of Information Technology, we look to unexplored high-tech markets, such as Nanotechnology. A prominent example is the Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC (LNCO) product that OIC NEW researches and produces, which is well received by consumers and has Patent No. 16095.

So how do you see the potential of nanotechnology in Vietnam in the future?

In Hanoi, there are currently 35 science and technology enterprises / 350,000 registered enterprises, the rate is 1/10,000, there is 1 science and technology enterprise in every 10,000 enterprises, thus showing this ratio. quite modest.

With nanotechnology, this is a new trend that OIC NEW is currently applying. However, mastering this micro-sized technology is not an easy thing, requiring researchers perseverance and courage to overcome challenges. However, if you do not dare to invest in high technology, there will never be products with high technology application. All successes in this world are rooted in bold ideas and need a lot of time and effort, with absolute faith and the cultivation of knowledge and experience of those who go there. before.

It is known that, as Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Small and Medium Enterprises Association. Hanoi and is the owner of a business that is highly appreciated in the market, can you share your secret and have a message for the Startups?

For me, the most important thing is to maintain a personal reputation in commercial relations. To do that, businesses must provide good services, good products and be responsible for their products and services. We always put the issue of international cooperation in each individual research of the Company. Currently, we have research cooperation with companies in Europe and Japan to create nano products from Vietnamese natural compounds.

Besides, Startup businesses must be innovative and must “have technology”. Once you have a technological product, the most important thing is not to give up. As a science and technology enterprise, if you give up, you will “die” miserably.

About the secret of success of Nhat Hai New Technology Company, we know the market segmentation, target a certain audience, do not spread, continuously research and develop products, create a strong belief. sure for customers. In addition, the Company only focuses on research and development (R&D), 4.0 application orientation by IoT and AI applications in all production processes to increase productivity. The company also learns from the advanced models of big technology companies in the world when creating distribution channels, while the production part will be transferred to reputable pharmaceutical companies to follow ISO Process (standardization). international) and GMP (good manufacturing practice).



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