Both Jack Ma, the Dalai Lama as well as the CEO of LinkedIN Jeff Weiner highly value LQ, the compassion metric and they believe that a good leader must know how to put himself in the perspective of others, not just sympathy. .
LQ index mentioned by Jack Ma is an index of compassion when a person knows how to put himself in the perspective of others, understanding the suffering of others.
More and more leaders in the world are following the style of Servant Leadership (servant leadership, servant leadership) as leaders are more integrated with employees, contrary to the main leadership mindset. act when the “boss” holds the head of all employees and asks them to do as they please. A servant leader knows how to enrich the lives of his employees, create better organizations, and thereby shape a beautiful world.

Simple comparison between Boss (leader leader) model and Servant Leadership model.

Even so, to be a servant leader, they must have compassion, empathy for others. Not only through the way of showing love and care to achieve results, but it also comes from a factor that Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba called LQ (Love quotient), an indicator that he also important. more important than IQ or EQ.

Jack Ma is currently known as the leader in popularizing LQ with everyone. He said that in order to measure the success of an individual or a group, we should not take out assets or money to calculate but use LQ, find out how many problems we have solved, help How many people on this planet can you help.

Jack Ma says: “You can become a money machine, but then what? If you don’t contribute anything to the world, there will be no LQ in you… love It’s something that you have to follow, it’s a must”.

Even the Dalai Lama, whom Jack Ma respects, highly values ​​LQ in life. He once said:

“If we say ‘practice your compassion because it is very religious’, of course no one will care. But, if we say that one warm heart, one child compassionate people will keep blood pressure stable, stress free, stress free and improve health… that’s when people start paying attention to LQ”.

Dalai Lama, who is revered by Jack Ma.

CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner also agreed with LQ, in a post on his personal page, he said:

“As the Dalai Lama explains, if you’re walking down a road and you come across a person crushed by a rock, an empath will get the same feeling as the other person being crushed and they won’t help. However, a compassionate person will understand the pain of the victim and then have the strength to move the rock and save the person in trouble. Simply put, compassion. hidden is something more advanced of empathy, it allows us to integrate into another person’s perspective, bringing high value in work as well as work”.

Both Jack Ma, the Dalai Lama or Jeff Weiner agree that if you conquer the world with compassion, you can overcome any difficulty without a hitch. In leadership too, a compassionate leader always wins over those who only sympathize.



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