Key industrial products of Hanoi City are industrial products belonging to priority and fundamental industrial sectors and fields, which have strong spillover effects on the city’s economy and have added value. highly competitive in domestic and foreign markets.

This is a product created on equipment lines with technological level on a par with the region, suitable to the production level in each period, in line with the socio-economic development strategy. of the city, ensuring production capacity and sustainable environment; create a high and stable growth rate; or belong to the group of key export products, contributing a large proportion to the total value of industrial production; is a product that promotes traditional values ​​and creates many jobs for workers, especially rural workers; is a new, suitable product, catching up with market trends, having high competitiveness and sustainable development.

On December 21, Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade held a ceremony to announce and honor 36 enterprises whose products were recognized as key industrial products of the city in 2018, including New Technology Joint Stock Company. Nhat Hai with Liquid Nano Curcumin (LNCO) health supplement product.


Persevering with the goal: Taking product quality and customer satisfaction as the focus, Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company (OIC NEW) always focuses on investing in technology, researching and developing products. to provide the market with quality product lines, comparable to imported products. The honor of being recognized as a key industrial product in 2018 is a recognition of OIC NEW’s continuous efforts in recent times, as well as a testament to the trust and support of our customers for our products. Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC product.


Health supplement Liquid Nano Curcumin is researched and produced by Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company (OIC NEW). The product has been granted a patent by the National Office of Intellectual Property No. 16095 in 2016. The product supports the treatment of people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract, women who have given birth, and people who are recovering. With the size of nano Curcumin nanoparticles (20-40nm), the product is completely soluble in water, penetrates easily through cell membranes and absorbs into the blood up to 99%. With only 2ml of Liquid Nano Curcumin per day and after only 2-3 weeks of use, customers can feel their condition is significantly improved.


To learn about stomach diseases, please call the hotline: 1900 63 69 13 for direct advice or visit Website: for more details.

This product is not a medicine and is not a substitute for medicine 



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