In October 2020, after a long process of research, Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company (OIC NEW) launched a new generation of exclusive Nano Curcumin OIC Capsule with outstanding efficiency and Double convenience for people with stomach ulcers today.

Following the success of Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC

Present on the market since 2016, appearing in more than 3,000 pharmacies, hospitals nationwide and millions of products sold, OIC New’s Liquid Nano Curcumin product with outstanding quality, has successfully created should be oriented to use nano curcumin solution in the most effective way for people with stomach ulcers. Not stopping at Vietnam, Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC has been present in fastidious markets such as the US, Japan, Singapore, etc.

The duo of Nano Curcumin OIC Capsules (left) and Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC

With the desire to continuously improve products, especially more suitable for domestic customers, OIC NEW has launched Nano Curcumin OIC Capsules, an upgraded version of liquid packaging with equivalent quality but more convenient. and reasonably priced.

Exceptional quality of the new generation Nano Curcumin OIC Capsules

Inheriting technology from the only patent in Vietnam and in the world on the process of preparing Nano Curcumin microemulsion system, Nano Curcumin OIC Capsules have a high content of active ingredients with a very small stable particle size. , the smallest on the market (<39 nm), completely soluble in water. Thanks to that, the medicinal properties of curcumin are enhanced thousands of times, not destroyed by gastric juice and not metabolized in the liver. The product’s material source is curcumin, which is 98% pure, and the accessories imported from the US and EU are packaged with curcumin nanoparticles to help increase the accuracy of targeting the lesion site; Capsule shell is also made from soluble and absolutely safe ingredients, which are Halal – standards imported Gelatin. Nano Curcumin OIC Capsule will be the first choice to solve the problems of people with stomach pain today.

Nano Curcumin OIC capsule

Support to inhibit the factors that attack the stomach, coat and heal quickly ulcers

For people with stomach ulcers, the activity of contraction and mixing of food will be less than usual, leading to indigestion and constipation. Besides, the stomach is damaged, losing control in secreting too much gastric acid, causing the patient to appear symptoms such as reflux, belching, heartburn. These are the obvious symptoms of stomach pain, especially stomach ulcers.

Nano Curcumin OIC capsules contain microscopic curcumin nanoparticles with strong and sustainable “attacking power” that will be the “rectifier” of indigestion and reflux. Supplementing with Nano Curcumin OIC will help increase mucus concentration, increase nitric oxide in mucus, thereby promoting smoother food digestion, reducing bloating or stomach spasms. As a natural antibiotic with strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial capabilities, helping to coat and fill damaged areas, Nano Curcumin OIC will be an effective solution for patients to help quickly improve stomach pain. thicken and heal ulcers quickly.

Double effect helps prevent stomach complications

Research from Brazilian scientists indicates that Curcumin is able to regulate chromosomal histone changes, affecting DNA. In particular, curcumin has the ability to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells and induce programmed cell death, keeping cancer cells from regrouping into tumors. It can be said that curcumin is a powerful compound that has the ability to fight stomach cancer and prevent cancer from progressing.

Nano Curcumin OIC capsules contain curcumin nanoparticles with high content and strong medicinal properties, with the same nano-microscopic size, easily penetrated into cells, reaching the target of the damaged cell mass thanks to advanced packaging technology. – Imported PEG/PLA coating film, thereby increasing bioavailability hundreds of times compared to conventional curcumin. Nano Curcumin OIC capsule is also a high potential product in supporting the increase of antibiotic action, and at the same time reducing unwanted side effects when combined with treatment regimens for HP gastritis or chemotherapy for cancer. stomach letter.

With the above special advantages, Nano Curcumin OIC Capsules will be a close companion for people with stomach ulcers to regain life balance.



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