In the current trend, e-commerce is not too far away for both businesses and consumers. However, still more than 70% of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam have not yet deployed to build an e-commerce channel for businesses, especially international e-commerce.

Small and medium enterprises have the opportunity to access the e-commerce platform

According to statistics of the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the size of Vietnam’s B2C e-commerce market, including the revenue of all goods and services sold through e-commerce channels, has continuously increased in the last 5 years. past year. The value of a person’s online shopping has also changed rapidly, from $160 in 2015 to $225 in 2019.

However, many small and medium enterprises have good products but struggle not to know how to make brands, only outsourcing for customers by selling directly to traders or looking for customers at international fairs and exhibitions. they are not interested in e-commerce or businesses do not have knowledge of international e-commerce.

As a bridge, Industry and Trade Newspaper has connected to help start-ups innovate on e-commerce platforms. Accordingly, in the series of activities of the Techfest Innovation Start-up Day 2020, at the Workshop “Promoting successful digital transformation startups on the e-commerce platform”, OIC New Company is one of 6 units were selected to sign a cooperation agreement with Procom Vietnam Joint Stock Company (iExport). This is a company that acts as a cross-border trade bridge to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs VN) export successfully on e-commerce platforms.

Mr. Trinh Hoang Linh – CEO of iExport – said: “Many business owners know about international e-commerce but have no experience and do not know how to do it, so when they start working, they face many difficulties leading to the implementation of international e-commerce. ineffective, eventually they will think that e-commerce is ineffective and give up on it”.

With 10 years of experience in the field of export promotion based on technology and e-commerce, iExport’s team has helped many businesses take advantage of technology platforms to go fast and far on their export journey. – Mr. Trinh Hoang Linh shared more.

OIC New có cơ hội xuất khẩu thành công trên nền tảng thương mại điện tử
The signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding to support the connection of innovative start-up products to the e-commerce platform between representatives of the Market Development Department and enterprises – Ministry of Science and Technology, Industry and Trade Newspaper and OIC New

Signed cooperation agreement to bring OIC New’s products to the e-commerce platform

Established in 2009, Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company (OIC New) operates in the following fields: Research, transfer and manufacture products applying Nano technology in the fields of biomedical, industrial, agricultural industry, environment. OIC New’s research department has focused on product research and development. It is the cross-section of research and production transfer of products applying Nano technology that is an opportunity and is expected to be a sustainable direction for the development of OIC New.

Currently, the company holds many manufacturing processes and nanotechnology patents; manufacturing and applying nanotechnology in production with the intention of developing potential subsidiaries that can put OIC New’s nano products into production. The company has 6 products including: Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC – Support treatment, reduce symptoms of stomach ulcers, duodenal bulb; Nano Silymarin OIC: Supports the treatment of liver diseases, enhances liver function, protects liver cells. Nano Rutin OIC: Support treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, blood pressure, stroke prevention; Nano Ginkgo Biloba OIC: Supporting the treatment of cerebral circulatory insufficiency; Nano Resveratrol OIC: Support to reduce blood cholesterol, help reduce blood pressure; Nano Megumi OIC: Support to reduce blood sugar, reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications due to diabetes. Most recently, the product Nano Megumi supports people with diabetes.

New product Nano Megumi of OIC about supporting diabetic patients

The signing of a memorandum of understanding to support the connection of innovative start-up products to an e-commerce platform with iExport will promote the quality service experience of OIC New’s customers. With online shopping activities, online payments, promotions are updated regularly along with many other supports. In addition, in order to promote the exploitation and promotion of Nano health care products, OIC New is currently implementing international trading activities of Nano OIC products at Alibaba, ECVN, etc. ..

In the coming time, OIC New strengthens digital transformation for business activities, promotes the promotion of products to international markets by accessing e-commerce platforms, towards the goal: “Bring Vietnamese wisdom to reach out to the international market.” out into the world”. With the rapid development of the world’s Science and Technology in the field of nano as well as the determination of the Vietnamese Government in investing in high technology. OIC New strives to achieve revenue from nano products about 1 billion USD/year by 2025.



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