Nano Curcumin becomes a breakthrough, opening hope for cancer patients, stomach ulcers. But there are too many products with Nano Curcumin, so how to understand and choose the best product?

According to nanotechnology research since 1990, nanotechnology is the most advanced technology, which helps to increase solubility, improve absorption, improve bioavailability, thereby increasing the effectiveness of drugs with minimal toxicity. tan.

Currently, there are many Nano Curcumin products on the market. However, the size of the prepared curcumin nanoparticles is still very large and the stability is not high, thereby, the ability to penetrate the cell membrane is poor and the bioavailability is low when entering the body. 

The product of Nano Curcumin Solution of Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company has undergone 7 years of research, until 2016, the product was officially commercialized into the market with the name: Food for health protection. health Nano Curcumin solution. Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC does not follow the path of current Nano Curcumin on the market, OIC NEW chooses a different path with SOLUTION products, the smallest curcumin nanoparticles on the market today, the efficiency is doubled. thousands of times. Use less is still effective, use more is still safe for the body.

Curcumin content in nanoparticles of OIC NEW is high with the input material being Curcumin 98%. The curcumin nanoparticle size is stable, smaller than 39nm, so it can easily penetrate the cell membrane to promote its effectiveness. The product is in the form of SOLUTION, completely soluble in water with a solubility of about 10,000 times that of regular curcumin.

Nano Curcumin produced by OIC NEW has been studied closely to evaluate biological activity, pharmacological effects for a long time and is recognized by scientists. Curcumin Nano-packaged medicinal herbs imported from the US and EU meet USP and EP pharmacopoeia standards to help increase the ability to target the wound and heal ulcers quickly.

OIC NEW’s Nano Curcumin Solution has been granted a Patent for the preparation process of Nano Curcumin microemulsion system in 2016.

Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC product recognized as Vietnamese Goods loved by consumers for 2 consecutive years (2017 and 2018) and Key Industrial Products of Hanoi City.

Currently, there are many Nano Curcumin product lines on the market with many different brands. Consumers should wisely choose high-quality and effective products based on expert recommendations, real user feedback and the reputation of distributors. 

Consultation about stomach, colon, liver enzymes, cancer, please call our hotline: 1900 63 69 13 or visit Website: for more details.< /strong>

This product is not a medicine and is not meant to replace medicine.



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