For those who used to go to school, it is impossible to forget the spirit of January 9, because it is not only a traditional day for students but also a day marking the maturity of both awareness and action of the young. young to the country.

It can be said that over the past 67 years, inheriting those traditional values, generations of Vietnamese students have been and continue to promote the glorious tradition of previous generations of young people in various fields of activity. activities, expressed by their own youth in economic construction and development, accelerated industrialization and modernization of the country and expanded international economic integration.

Tens and hundreds of thousands of intellectuals in general and students in particular not only know how to study and do scientific research, but also care a lot about important national issues, ready to share and shoulder their work. according to the requirements of life, know how to immerse themselves in volunteer activities, know how to live fully in emotional attachment to people in difficult and difficult areas. And most precious are the thoughts and concerns with solutions and plans for the future of the country, echoing the footsteps of thousands and tens of thousands of Vietnamese students with the youth and youth movements. three are ready… to make the whole society more trust, love and put all their trust in students, giving the responsibility of being “the current and future owner of the country”. Each stage of the generations of students is imprinted with the imprints of new success, affirmation, bravery and wisdom of youth. ..

The clearest proof in 2016 is that it is hard for anyone to forget the mark of a year in which all Vietnamese teams competed in the International Olympic Games won the Gold Medal, with 35 students participating in 44 contests at the Olympics. Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics, Russian Language, bringing home 39 medals and certificates of merit for the country… Or participate in the International Science and Technology Competition (Intel ISEF), we have 6 projects with 4 winning projects with a winning rate of 67%, which is considered the best achievement of students. Vietnam after 5 years participating in the contest. Similarly at the International Young Science Competition (IJSO), all 6 students won prizes, including 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, which is also the best achievement of Vietnam after 10 years of participation. IJSO….

And in the last days of 2016, we continue to receive another good news when according to the results of PISA 2015, Vietnam ranked 8th in the field of science out of a total of 72 countries participating in the assessment. …

How great! However, it is true that it is impossible to be satisfied with what is already there, because in the immediate future life is presenting students with new opportunities and advantages, as Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said: “The country doesn’t just need medals. But more than that, you are the generation that will bring Vietnam to glory in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.” Therefore, it is required that students must strive to rise with the nation to successfully complete all revolutionary tasks. Especially today, in the process of international economic integration, students are facing many difficulties and challenges, which are: education level, professional qualification, economic knowledge, management, legal knowledge. and students’ awareness of law observance is generally low. Among students, the perception of vocational training, career selection, and career orientation is still very misleading, and jobs and low incomes are still pressing issues.

The phenomenon of youth deviating in lifestyle, enjoyment, pragmatism, lazy to work, study, participate in illegal activities is on the increase; Besides, a large part of students lack the sense of training to perfect their personality, are immature in political awareness, have not identified the right ideal of life…

Facing the advantages and disadvantages of the country as well as of themselves, more than ever, each student must clearly realize his position and role in the development of the country. Must be aware that their biggest difficulty in this period is the fierce intellectual competition to reach the heights of science, engineering and technology as well as the management level. In order to overcome that difficulty, in the immediate future, each student must make more efforts, must self-study and self-practice to improve their level in all aspects, must cultivate political bravery, and maintain the ideal of socialist society. In particular, it is necessary to promote the spirit of self-study, self-training, renewing the way of thinking and outlook on life, grasping modern knowledge and science – technology, thereby taking advantage of opportunities to develop talent. This is both the responsibility, the obligation, and the right of the students to join the country in achieving many successes in the process of international economic integration.

Whether the country can develop quickly and strongly in the process of globalization depends on the intelligence and vitality of young people. There is a song loved by many generations of young people: “Don’t ask what the country has done for us, but ask what we have done for the country today?”. If every young person always keeps that song in their mind, every action, even the smallest, is imbued with love for the country and always sees the country calling its name and looking forward to the efforts of each person. young people.



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