Inventor Luu Hai Minh is currently the Chairman of Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company and Vice Chairman of the Hanoi Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, which has brought high-quality Vietnamese Nano products to the world.

Vietnam’s high-quality Nano products reach out to the world

Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company was established in 2009 (formerly known as Information Technology Research Center) and is a leading science and technology enterprise in Vietnam that successfully applied Nanotechnology in the biomedical field. With a team of good, experienced engineers and leading experts in the field of Nano, OIC NEW’s vision is to bring Vietnam’s high-quality Nano products to the world.

san pham nano chat luong cao cua viet nam vuon ra the gioi                                    
                                              Inventor Luu Hai Minh

With special self-research and exclusive production machines, OIC NEW is proud to be the first and only unit to successfully prepare nanoparticles from natural compounds with the smallest size on the market today. 5-30nm), with USP&EP international pharmacopoeia standard ingredients – and the know-how of formulas, Nano products are perfectly absorbed into cells, bioavailability is hundreds of times higher than conventional products. Usually, it is both effective and safe for the body.

All Nano products from natural medicinal plants of OIC NEW are granted a Patent or a Utility Solution Patent by the National Office of Intellectual Property for the Preparation Process – a clear demonstration of the research potential. research, development and output quality for products. In addition to the Patents and Utility Solutions, Inventor Luu Hai Minh and his collaborators at the OIC R&D center also have international articles published in specialized journals on Nanotechnology in the UK as well as articles about the application of Nano OIC products in supporting cancer treatment published in the Journal of Practical Medicine.

san pham nano chat luong cao cua viet nam vuon ra the gioi                                     

Inventor Luu Hai Minh is the author of 35 registered patent applications and has been granted 2 invention patents and 5 utility solution patents by the National Office of Intellectual Property. The raw materials for the production of products are mainly imported from countries around the world such as the US, Europe, Japan and especially the natural materials of Vietnam.

Target 100 patents on natural compounds

The first direction with nanotechnology is in the fields of agriculture and industry, but now, OIC NEW has been and is one of the pioneers in the nanotechnology of natural medicinal plants with immense potential. big. With a strategic vision and a scientific and bold organizational method, the inventor Luu Hai Minh – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company has built the OIC NEW brand with the following products: The first Nano product line in the market and the world.

san pham nano chat luong cao cua viet nam vuon ra the gioi                                             

Up to the present time, OIC NEW has more than 50 researches on Nano products being commercialized in the market. From standard herbal ingredients, with scientific evidence of effectiveness, OIC NEW is the first unit in Vietnam and in the world to make nano preparations with the smallest particle size on the market to support the treatment of diseases. treatment of common chronic and malignant diseases today.

Inventor Luu Hai Minh’s goal is that by 2030, his company will launch 100 patents on natural compounds that have the effect of improving health and preventing disease. “Due to many problems, Vietnamese products have not been exported to the world. I hope with the wisdom of Vietnam and my collaborators to launch 100 patents to be able to apply Vietnamese natural products for export,” said Inventor Luu Hai Minh.

Digital transformation – General trend of international business

According to Inventor Luu Hai Minh, digital transformation is a business model transformation that requires a product transformation, which is very suitable for OIC. Grasping the future, since 2009, Inventor Luu Hai Minh has transformed his business model from information technology to focus on researching Nano technology products.

In the early stages of transformation, the company faced many difficulties because the direction was not yet available, the technology was unknown, but with the determination of the leaders, currently, OIC has 25 products sold in the market. America, Amazon, Alibaba, Vietnam,…

san pham nano chat luong cao cua viet nam vuon ra the gioi                                           

“This is the general trend of international business, as an alumnus of Foreign Trade University, I understand what needs to be done for the company to grow and be strong,” said Inventor Luu Hai Minh. .

Before starting a business, Mr. Hai Minh was an IT, when he decided to start a business he was opposed by his family and friends. Although his friends invest in real estate and securities, he chooses his own path by investing completely both capital and knowledge in the field of Nano technology. Because of too much investment, he is determined not to give up, also because of that he has made remarkable achievements. After more than 10 years choosing the path of Nano Technology.

OIC achievements are certified by consumers

With the principle of “Prestige – Internationally equivalent quality”, Nano OIC products always have to go through extremely strict evaluation stages, from controlling input materials to meet quality standards, the ingredients must meet the USP/EP international pharmacopoeia standards of the US and EU; to testing the product quality criteria of the National Institute of Food Hygiene and Safety. Therefore, OIC NEW’s products are trusted and used by customers, domestic and foreign partners and successfully present in 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam and major markets in the world such as: USA , Germany, Japan, Cambodia, Singapore, Angola, etc. The company has received the certificate of exporting goods to the US market by FDA organization.

san pham nano chat luong cao cua viet nam vuon ra the gioi                                        

Continuously from 2016 up to now, Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company has received the Certificate of Merit and the Rotary Flag from the Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee for its excellent performance in production and business activities, contributing to the development of Vietnam. socioeconomic of the City. Awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology for great achievements and works in Science and Technology activities. OIC NEW’s products have been certified as Vietnamese Goods loved by consumers for many consecutive years and are in the Top Key Industrial Products in Hanoi.

“Don’t expect investors’ money, but protect investors’ money. If you want to work towards success, never give up,” said Inventor Luu Hai Minh.



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